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“You have not seen Cambridge unless you have seen it from a punt”


Citystay are always wanting to add to the enjoyable experience of staying with us; we are therefore delighted to be working with Scudamore’s; Cambridge’s original punting company, founded in 1910, Complete your Cambridge experience with a complimentary punt along the famous College Backs or serenely towards idyllic Grantchester.

Choose from a selection of self-hire punts, kayaks, canoes and rowboats via Citystay and the punt or boat is yours for the entire day…all with the compliments of Citystay!

Punting has developed into the pastime most synonymous with Cambridge. Whether you’re meandering through the magical college backs or drifting down to the idyllic town of Grantchester, aboard a punt, you are guaranteed to see Cambridge from its most beautiful vantage point, the River Cam.

Cambridge PuntingHowever punting is not something that had been introduced as an attraction for one of the 6 million tourist who visit Cambridge annually. It is a mode of transport steeped in history. Originally used as workboats on the Fens, the traditional shallow bottomed square bow boats were used for eel fishing, reed cutting and fowling.

In the early 1900’s Maurice ‘Jack’ Scudamore, the founder of ‘Scudamore’s’ (the oldest punting company in England) completed his boat building apprenticeship and was involved in the building of one of Cambridge’s first punts. Upon returning from national service in 1903, Jack began the building of punts from Scudamore’s boatyard in Mill Lane, which still exists to this day. Quick to spot an opportunity Jack began to introduce the use of the punts for pleasure which was successfully and whole-heartedly embraced by the people of Cambridge. By the 1920’s punting had become the most popular boating activity in Cambridge and his boats were soon in national demand.

The word punting itself, comes from the old English for ‘push’ and refers to the way in which the boats are propelled. The punter traditionally uses a wooden pole around 16ft in length to propel the craft forwards from the till of the boat, known locally in Cambridge as the ‘deck.’ There is an art form to punting which prior to mastering can be quite be amusing for onlookers, as minor collisions and the occasional gridlock ensue, but much like riding a bike, once mastered, it is never forgotten.

The most famous route to take when punting these days is down the famous college backs, drifting through where some of the world’s most famous intellects and scholars have studied. A chauffeured punt allows the passengers to take in the magnificent architecture whilst learning about the history of the colleges and their bridges.cambridge at christmas

Alternatively the meandering route down to the village of Grantchester allows passengers to take in the beautiful and tranquil meadows and countryside. Many people choose to moor the punt whilst enjoying lunch at one of the village pubs before drifting back to Cambridge. A perfect way to spend a sunny summer’s day.

Citystay have been working in association with Scudamore’s for the past 2 years offering all of our guests the opportunity to Punt for Free during their stay in Cambridge. Guests have use of a punt for an hour or an entire day, to use at their leisure and take in Cambridge in the most traditional and fun ways.

If you are looking for a long weekend or city break in Cambridge then contact Citystay today and our team will be on hand to organise a visit to one of our luxury serviced apartments. A stay with Citystay offers a truly unrivalled experience of Cambridge.

If you are staying with Citystay currently and have not yet taken advantage of this offer then contact us today, and our team will be on hand to organise this for you.

Call Citystay on 01223 420920 for booking terms and conditions

Website: www.scudamores.com

Please note all punting reservations must go through Citystay.