A Wider Vision

Citystay believes that part of providing an excellent service is possessing a wider vision. We would like to help make a difference, not only to those visitors to our luxury serviced apartments in Cambridge but also by helping to house the orphans of Africa and Malawi in particular.

We are therefore proud to be associated with the Aquaid Lifeline Fund which achieves marvelous things in Malawi, changing people’s lives for the better.

Citystay ensures that every time someone stays in a Citystay apartment, the amount donated is enough to house, feed, clothe and educate an orphan for at least one month! (Source: Lifeline fund coordinator April 2008).

In 2015, the money donated from Citystay to the Aquaid Lifeline Fund continued to provide care and education for 112 orphans in the Khombwe Children’s Centre. To date we have donated in excess of £70,000 and would like to extend a big thank you to our customers for their continued support.

For more information, please visit the Lifeline Fund website.

A message from John R. Searle – Coordinator Aquaid Lifeline Fund

Aquaid Lifeline Fund is a Cambridge based charity with a focus on the country of Malawi, which is one of the world’s poorest countries. The work of Aquaid Lifeline is mainly concerned with the care and education of orphaned and needy children. It is a shocking fact a Malawian woman lives with a 1 in 7 chance of dying in childbirth, which leaves a large number of orphan infants with relatives who often cannot feed themselves and their own families. Aquaid Lifeline operates an infant rescue programme, so that support begins for some of our 3000+ dependents virtually at birth.

Since the charity was founded in 1999, we have built an orphan village at Namisu, built 2 schools, both of which are the top schools in their zone; we have also built and staffed 2 clinics, and 9 daycare centres, with an average of 120 orphans at each. Each daycare centre benefits from its own clean water supply, its own agricultural projects, and in some cases a simple solar powered irrigation system for the year-round growth of vegetables. In addition, facilities have been provided for the manufacture of clothes at each centre, so that the emphasis is on self sufficiency. Staff include a trained qualified teacher, an administrator, cooks, cleaners, security guards and assistant teachers. Regular healthcare visits are made by our experienced pediatric nurse.

Due to the importance we place on self sufficiency, we are able to care comprehensively for a daycare orphan for a cost of just £6 per month. None of the contributions which are made to Aquaid Lifeline Fund are used for administration. All the coordinator’s expenses are privately paid for by family members, so that every penny goes directly to the point of need.

We are deeply grateful to Citystay of Cambridge for their kind support of Aquaid Lifeline Fund. Every time one of their fine apartments are occupied at least one desperately needy orphan can be fed, clothed and cared for in a loving environment for at least an entire month.

I would like to offer warm heartfelt thanks to each person who has chosen to stay in a Citystay apartment and thank you, Citystay, for your generosity!

Aquaid Lifeline Fund
Telephone 01223 276710